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raiseRED Projects

RaiseRED hosts a ton of events both on & off campus. We partner with many businesses, sports teams, on-campus organizations.


Interested in getting involved? Contact our Internal or External Projects coordinators, Benny Gerdes and Hannah Keenan.

Benny Gerdes:

Hannah Keenan:

Pet Contest

This holiday season raiseRED is having a contest to see who will be crowned the Mr./Mrs. raiseRED pet of the year!

Mobile Inititative 

Mobile Initiative has teamed up with raiseRED once again to raise even more to raiseRED than they have before!

Kroger Card

Want to help support raiseRED? Here's how to sign up for a Kroger Card Community Rewards Card to use when shopping.

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raiseRED Pet of the Year

The winner of the contest will be crowned as raiseRED pet of the year, receive a certificate, a sash, and win a $30 gift card to Sandy's pet shop! Each entry costs $5 and you can pay here:


Please put your pets name and your last name in the "in honor of" section. Good luck to you and your furry friend!! 

Fill out this form to enter:  

Direct any questions to Michelle Appel:

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