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CAR T-Cell Therapy


Cancer is currently treated three different ways, poisoning it with chemo, burning it with radiation, or cutting it out with surgery. A new, safer, treatment is being developed. Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses the immune system to fight cancer. It prevents cancer from spreading and killing but can also eradicate cancer completely from a patient’s body all while reducing the long term of traditional treatment.

Treatment and research for a specific form of Immunotherapy, CAR T-cell therapy, is only done in only a few locations in the country, mainly on the east and west coast and now Louisville. The University of Louisville developing and testing this treatment on a group of patients that had tried chemo, radiation and surgery. These patients were children, and this was their last option. The treatment was 83% successful. 83% lives saved. The money from the RaiseRED Dance Marathon is helping this development. Hopefully this treatment will be saving lives, without extreme side effects, all over the world soon. Louisville, with the help of RaiseRED, is helping make that happen.

What we dreamed...


...what we created!

A New Center for Families

The Pediatric Oncology and Hematology clinic has moved to a new location! RaiseRED’s clinic now resides on the fourth floor of the Novak Center for Children’s Health, located at 411 E Chestnut St. across from Kornhauser Library on University of Louisville’s Health Science Campus.


The Novak Center was opened in August of this year and has become a new home for the patients, their families, and the staff of the clinic. Because of the generous efforts of raiseRED’s supporters, a full-time social worker supports the clinic and its patients, snacks provided by raiseRED stock the shelf for the kids of the clinic and much more.


Tangible signs of raiseRED and the clinic’s work were seen when Kentucky became one of the first states to allocated funding specifically for pediatric oncology research. Thank you to all that have supported raiseRED and the clinic to accomplish this feat, as well as the daily feats of care and treatment.


The fight to end childhood cancer and blood diseases is still ongoing please help us continue this fight!

Take an inside look at the Novak Center

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Pediatric Child Abuse Fellowship program
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Research Highlight

A message from our director

We continue our mission by helping and supporting our patients and their families with the financial resources provided by raiseRED. We were able to do many exciting things for clinical care and research using raiseRED funds. 

RaiseRED support has enabled the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation to hire a state-of-the-art researcher and clinican - Dr. WIlliam T. Tse.

Funding from raiseRED continues to hep provide much needed services for our patients and families.

-Dr. Ashok Raj 

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