Welcome raiseRED Alumni 

Hello raiseRED Alumni,


My name is Mary Baker, I am the Operations Director for raiseRED this year! I would just like to start off by saying thank you for the time you put into this organization and for your willingness to stay involved. When I first got to this organization my freshman year it was clear that the people who went to Louisville before cared enough about raiseRED to set up a wonderful foundation for us to build on, and I think this year we have made a few changes to successfully build upon those foundations.


First of all, this will be the first raiseRED in the newly renovated Student Activities Center! The SAC will have a newly constructed ballroom that is more prepared for an event of our size with new features like a new sound system, more space and staging, and more rooms for dancer activities and for our families! We think that the new venue will do a great job attracting new dancers, getting them to fundraise, and helping us reach our goal. Speaking of which the dancer minimum was raised to $225 dollars in 2019! This increased minimum will not only help us raise more money but it will help us build on a culture of passionate dancers who are excited to be at the event. Throughout the year we will have more fundraising events and better incentives to keep dancers motivated and help them reach their goals so we can reach ours. The fundraising goal for this year for raiseRED is to raise more money than last year, which in case anyone forgot was $682,000!! This new goal will motivate raiseRED to always be growing and improving as we strive to save more and more lives and help more families.


To reach this goal, we will need some help from our wonderful alumni. Every year I have been involved with raiseRED I have been amazed at how our alumni have been nothing but generous with their time, money, and knowledge as they pass it down to us for us to make it the best organization we can be. We would not be the organization we are today without our alumni, but for us to grow we need our alumni to get involved. Ethan Sammons, our Community Outreach Coordinator, has done a wonderful job coming up with ideas such as an alumni fundraising page to get alumni mobilized and he no doubt will have more for you all in the future. Please reach out to either myself or him if you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions on how to make us better. I can’t wait to see how our organization grows this year under the support of our wonderful raiseRED alumni!!


Thank you and FTK,


Mary Baker

Give back to the KIDS!




As raiseRED grows, so does its alumni network! 


RaiseRED would not be where it is today without every donor, company, and volunteer that has helped in the past. This holds true for our alumni as well. All those who have participated in raiseRED in any capacity in their college career had a passion for fighting these terrible diseases and helping children and families in the Louisville area when they need it most. Fortunately, the opportunity to be involved does not disappear after your college experience. We offer a variety of ways to still be involved, including: Volunteering at events throughout the year, helping out at the marathon, attending alumni events, helping raise dancer dollars, and much more!


If you have any questions about how you can help or continue to be involved, please contact our University Outreach Coordinator, Cole Hetzler, at communityoutreach.raisered@gmail.com and sign up for our newsletter below.



FTK always!

Cole Hetzler

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