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Finding Your Donors

Creating a donor web is the easiest way to identify people who will support your efforts.

Start with areas of your life: your hometown, employers, etc, then think of people in those individual categories. 

A donor web, showing the student in the middle, and various areas of their  life, with ideas for donors listed. Examples include: Hometown, Neighbors, Hairdressers, past employers, past teachers

Making the Ask

Greta poses with the dancer relations team during raiseRED

Greta Noble

Dancer Relations Coordinator

For help, advice, tips or tricks, email Greta

1/ Identify Potential Donors

Create your donor web, and list names of people that come to mind. 

2 / Share your "Why"

You've committed to a big challenge, why do you care enough to do it? Share that story with your potential donors, and you're sure to catch their attention more than an elevator pitch.

3 / Explain raiseRED

Share what their donation goes to. How their donations are helping children with pediatric cancer and blood disorders. 50% of funds go to the care for these patients, and the other 50% goes to the research to help future patients.

pssst.... now's a good time to check out our templates.

4 / Ask for a donation. 

You've shared why this is important, now try the below phrase, and remember to ask for a specific amount of money!

"Would you consider supporting me with a $50 donation?"

5/ Thank Them!

If you get a "not today" response, no worries! Ask if they know anyone who might be interested supporting this cause.

If you get a "sure!" send them your link, or ask them to make a check payable to the University of Louisville Foundation and then run that check to a member of the Executive Board within 48 hours!

Regardless of their answer, thank them for their time and consideration (and hopefully their donation!)

Cup Dancer Packet

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