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Cardinal Crew

Cardinal Crew is a partnership between patients and college students. The original goal was to create a way for kids attending our event to have a familiar face. None of us expected that years later, as many of the kids became college students themselves, these partnerships would turn into life long friendships.

raiseRED students aren't just college students. They're siblings, soccer players, gamers, and artists. They are from places near and far, and many have gone through challenges of their own. Cardinal Crew partnerships involve everything from helping with homework and piano lessons, to a small army of college students attending a patient's soccer game. At it's core, this program is a chance to make new friends, and for the kids we support to know that we're rooting for them in every aspect of life.

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Whether you're a patient, a parent, or an interested UofL student, our Family Relations Coordinator, Haven Romero, can help!

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Students and Cardinal Crew Children dance on stage
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