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Child rests her chin on the stage, smiling while watching raiseRED

Community Partnerships

raiseRED provides more than just a dance marathon.

Our students partner with community organizations each year to help our beneficiaries in direct ways, in addition to the funds we raise. 


Not all students have a passion for fundraising, and not all students have a network to ask for financial resources. 

These partnerships allow University of Louisville Students to support the kids we benefit, and contribute to our shared mission without the financial commitment. 

To learn more about our community partnerships, get information on volunteering for these efforts as a UofL student, or discuss partnering with raiseRED, contact our Service Coordinator, Veronica Hamilton.

raiseRED student and Cardinal Crew Child, both wearing spiderman costumes, build a construction paper rocket together, coloring with crayons
Two Cardinal Crew Children pose with Louie, the UofL mascot

Kentucky Blood Center

The kids we serve often receive blood transfusions as part of their treatment. 

raiseRED partners with Kentucky Blood Center to host Blood Drives throughout the year. 


During the 2023 school year, raiseRED and Kentucky Blood Center hosted four blood drives, providing an opportunity for our community to help the kids we serve. 

Ronald McDonald House

Treatment is intense. The kids we dance for travel from around the country to receive this care. As a result, families often call the Ronald McDonald House "home" while staying in town. 

During the 2023 school year, raiseRED students partnered with Ronald McDonald house to make baked goods or lunches for the families staying there. These five visits provided a meal for the kids we serve, as well as children battling other illnesses.

raisered members volunteer at the ronald mcdonald house
Cardinal Crew Member and raiseRED student pose together during raiseRED

Sickle Cell Association

A portion of the kids we dance for battle blood disorders. Our partnership with the Sickle Cell Association allows our organizations to share resources with the kids that need it most. 

During the 2022-23 school year, raiseRED students attended the Sickle Cell Gala, Christmas Party, and joined in the Sneaker Ball In April with the Sickle Cell Association 

Gilda's Club

Gilda's Club provides resources and support for anyone affected by cancer.


raiseRED students have partnered with Gilda's Club for several years, often volunteering in their annual Halloween Celebration, Noogie Fest, as well as digital Sherpa events, and their Youth lock in.

raiseRED student and Cardinal Crew Child, both wearing spiderman costumes, build a construction paper rocket together, coloring with crayons
Two raiseRED students show off their handmade capes. One states "Fighting for a Cure", and the other shows an Olympic torch

Critically Loved

After receiving a new diagnosis, families are often given huge amounts of information to organize, while still trying to process the diagnosis they just received. 

raiseRED partnered with Critically Loved to create binders for  families to store their clinical information from hospital stays.

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