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raiseRED Gift of Life Marrow Registry

In the spring 2024 issue of Univerisity of Louisville magazine, raiseRED dancer Sophie Doszak was a featured spotlight. During the 2022 dance marathon, Gift of Life Marrow Registry swabbed Sophie's cheek, and last year, she matched with and then donated bone marrow to a 51-year-old leukemia patient. "I would not have donated with raiseRED," Sophie said. "Seeing the impact that you can have on someone's life made me wish I had gotten on the donor list a long time ago. Most of the time it takes years to finally match with someone, and I was lucky enough to match with someone and give my gift of life to someone who needed another chance at life." To read the full story in UofL Magazine, go to page 11 at Thanks to Sophie for sharing her story and for continuing to dance!

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