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Feb 24, 4:00 PM
University of Louisville

How do I reach my goals?

From text messaging tips and tricks to ideas on who to ask for donations, we have all the resources you need to surpass your fundraising goal.

What should I expect?

Our Dancer Survival Guide outlines what to pack, when to arrive, key elements of the dance marathon, and frequently asked questions. Check it out!

Are there any important dates?

Yep! Fundraising deadlines, the last chance to submit mail call, the chance to submit a loved one for Angel Hour... lot's of dates to keep track of. We have them all here! 

The Big Event

Key elements of the 18 hours

raiseRED Blog

Timely information for raiseRED 2023


The best weekend of the year. 

Our programming directors have created an event you won't want to miss. For questions about the event, accessibility needs, or any other curiosity, email Drew or Katie!

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Other Questions? Let us know!

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Thanks for submitting!

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